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Databases, Storage and Virtualization

This section covers file storage services, as well as databases and virtual machine management and hosting.

Available services

Datacenter hostingCentralized management of EPFL's Datacenters (Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Sion).
File storage servicesThe file storage service allows you to store data on servers accessible via the network, whether the operating system is Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.
Individual storageAn individual/private storage system is provided to students, staff, and guests. Only the user has access to his folder, which cannot be shared.
MS-SQLAdvices, database hosting and audit for MSSQL
MySQL hostingManagement and administration of MySQL databases
Oracle HostingThe Oracle hosting service provides the resources required to guarantee the hosting, optimal functioning and administration of Oracle database management systems (DBMS) as part of EPFL's information system
SAN storageThe SAN service allows you to store files on disc arrays, which don't appear as shared volumes on the network. Each server sees the disc on which it has access as its own hard drive.
SAP hostingManagement and administration of SAP
Service for server backupManagement, administration, exploitation, research, and advice for server backups.
SWITCHdriveSWITCH Cloud service – enabling sharing and synchronization of data
SWITCHfilesenderSWITCHfilesender – send big files via the SWITCH cloud
Virtual desktop for employeesThe virtualization of a desktop allows the final user to connect to a virtual desktop (Windows only) from different client stations (Thin Client, work computer, laptop or mobile device) that work on multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, MAC).
Virtual server infrastructureA hosting service for virtual machines.