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Accounts & Access

EPFL’s IT teams provide all necessary services to manage the institutional data, the directories, your computer rights and EPFL’s authentication systems and passwords.

Available services

AD directoryManagement of EPFL's Active Directory forest, coordination of Active Directory with the faculties' heads, who are in charge of Windows.
Authentication & authorisation TequilaTequila is the authentication and access control platform for secured Web applications. It uses the data from GASPAR and ACCRED to authenticate users and verify their access rights. Shibboleth allows EPFL users to access secured applications from participants of the AAI federation from Switch (All Swiss Hautes Ecoles, HES, etc.). It also allows external people to access EPFL applications.
Cadi 2.0All of EPFL's institutional data, used by the school's directories and diverse applications.
CamiproThe Camipro card is the ID card for students and employees of the EPFL.
Groups & GuestsThe Groups service manages groups within EPFL, which can receive specific rights in applications such as Jahia, my.epfl, wiki, GED, etc. The Guests service manages people outside EPFL (people without any administrative ties) who have contacts with people inside EPFL.
Identity – Accreditation managementManagement of people and units inside and outside EPFL. We want to set up and manage, in a decentralised way, a complete, coherent and permanently up-to-date database of all the people known at the EPFL, their role(s) and their right(s) to access different services provided by the EPFL.
LDAP directoryThis service seeks to offer a directory of the people in LDAP format (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), to insure an optimal quality service, and manage the flux of incoming data.
OpenDir directoryDeployment and maintenance of the OpenDir directory.
Passwords managementAll people accredited to EPFL must have a GASPAR account, where their password for Tequila authentication is stored. In this way, they only need a single password to access all of EPFL's computer services.