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Research & Training

EPFL's IT teams offer you the possibility to attend classroom or online training courses (Moodle).

Available services

C4scienceC4science is a platform for collaborative code creation.
Computing servicesThe Scientific IT and Application support center provides centrally managed systems for research projects that require computational resources.
IS-AcademiaIS-Academia is EPFL's academic management tool for students, professors, staff and graduates.
MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) productionProduction of online courses from conception to realization of videos and training websites
MoodleMoodle is an educational platform that allows users to create study groups around online content.
Research grants (GrantsDB)GrantsDB is a portal to record and track research grants and scientific equipment at EPFL.
Scientific publications (Infoscience)Infoscience is a database used to archive and highlight scientific publications.
SI trainingWould you like to improve your proficiency in the software used at EPFL or bring your IT knowledge up to speed? We offer IT courses to EPFL staff members
Virtual Desktop for coursesThe service "virtual dektops for courses" makes available to the faculties Virtual desktops (VDs).