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This section contains all of EPFL's IT support services. EPFL's IT support teams respond to your requests, and when necessary contact IT specialists for additional assistance.

Available services

Hardware repair and recyclingHardware Repair and Recycling is an internal repair service for most computer devices (PCs, Macs, peripheral devices, printers, etc.). While each institute's Head of IT provides first level support, second level support is provided here to recover data on damaged machines, perform all kinds of upgrades, and properly install operating systems.
Poseidon (laptops – support and discount)Poseidon sells laptops at a reduced price. This service also takes care of software related issues (all if possible; at least those distributed by Poseidon), as well as hardware related issues on sold laptops.
Service DeskThe Service Desk offers users support for the school's IT services
SSC (Central services) management and supportSale, refurbishing, maintenance, repair, and updating of PCs, laptops, printers, smartphones, accessories and software, used by members of the central services, as well as basic training to use the provided tools.