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Administrative applications

EPFL’s IT teams offer you a palette of tools and applications that let you manage absences, IT purchases or even room reservations.

Available services

Absence managementTo manage EPFL absences: announcements, personal or group planning, notifications, validations, balance management and holiday rights
CatalyseThe procurement platform of EPFL
Doodle@EPFLDoodle@EPFL is an on-line service, mainly used for choosing a date for a meeting by checking the availability of the participants
Expenses accountThe reimbursement of professional expenses and trips, within Switzerland or abroad.
Financial data management & HR (infocentre)The Infocentre SAP allows you to consult the financial data of funds and financial centres (General ledger, budgets, mandates…), as well as personal and salary data concerning EPFL employees, according to defined access rights.
Inventory managementThe Inventory application lets you create, modify or show inventory sheets. It is also possible to process and do some reporting on the inventories.
IT purchasesManagement of IT purchases (hardware, software, IT services): financial commitments, orders, deliveries, payments, digitisation of order files, describe buying procedures …
Order business cardsOur IT teams provide an online application that lets you arrange and order EPFL business cards.
Order CFF ticketsTo order CFF tickets for the personnel of the accredited units.
PayonlineA unit needs to organise a conference or any other event? It must be able to pay in the price of the services the event will offer? The online payment service provides an electronic pay in channel, using different services from PostFinance and the EPFL's financial service.
Room reservationA booking system is available to manage rooms, laptops, or any other shared resource, whether it is occasionally or periodically.
Signature registerThe Signature Register, under the responsibility of the General Counsel (GEC), centralises the signatures of all employees entitled to enter into financial commitments on behalf of EPFL.