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How to access your mail


Access your mail


Access your e-mail from Windows, Mac, and Thunderbird clients

The table below summarizes the platforms for which the mail client is available, which protocols are supported, and provides links to the corresponding configuration pages.
The Exchange protocol is required to access all features available on the server. These features include calendars, contacts and tasks management, as well as delegate Access.


Configuration of mail clientplateformeprotocol
icone Outlook 2007/ Outlook 2010/2013      
ico Outlook 2011/ico AppleMail
ico Thunderbirdicone icone icone      IMAPS et POPS


Accessing e-mail from a Web browser

You can also access to your e-mails using a Web browser. This is useful particularly when travelling.


icone icone icone
icone icone icone





Access from a PDA or tablet

Access from iOS

Access from Android

Access from Windows Phone



General settings for accessing your mailbox

Here are general settings to enter in your messaging application:

E-mail address:

Ingoing mail server, POP3 or IMAP:

Username: the username "Gaspar" that has been given to you

Outgoing mail server:

LDAP server (directory):, search base:: o=EPFL, c=CH


To remind you of the ports related to mail:
POP:  995 + SSL
IMAP : 993 + SSL/TLS (Normal password)
SMTP : 465 + SSL (authentifié)











Authored by Michel Naguib
Last modified 3 months ago