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Organize an appointment or a meeting with Outlook 2010/2013


Organize an appointment with Outlook 2010/2013

Step 1

When your are on the Calendar page, click on New > Appointment or simply double-click in the calendar where you want to organize an appointment.

Step 2


  1. Enter the appointment subject, location and start time/end time.
  2. You can also make your appointment recur, by clicking recurrence.
  3. Select the reminder check box if needed.
  4. If you don't want that people with a delegation have access to the content, select the private check box.
  5. Save and close the appointment.


 Organize a meeting with Outlook 2010/2013

Step 1

When you are on Calendar page, click on New meeting or create a standard appointment and click on Invite people.

Etape 2

1. Enter the meeting subject, location, start time/end time and description
2. Add people

Step 3

3. You can check your correspondents' free/busy information (only if they use Exchange to plan their appointments) by clicking on Scheduling Assistant.

Step 4:

You can adapt the meeting time to the availabilities of people, and then send a meeting request.

You can then see who accepted you meeting request by double-clicking on the appointment in your calendar, and clicking on tracking.

Authored by Michel Naguib
Last modified 4 weeks ago