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Thunderbird Configuration



Configuration of your mail client using Thunderbird

Thunderbird Configuration


Creating a new account in Thunderbird


Change IMAP port to 993 and SMTP port to 465

Enter your username


Account settings:

Tools Menu --> Account Settings --> Composition & Addressing



server :

serach base : o=epfl,c=ch


Managing deleted messages in IMAP mode:
The VPSI recommends that you choose the "Just mark it as deleted" mode. By doing this, the deleted messages will be marked as deleted but won't be copied to another folder (e.g. "Deleted messages" folder), which would lower that much your remaining free space on the mail server. It's up to you to deliberately flush the messages that are marked as deleted when you think it is relevant, by clicking on File => compact folders.


 To avoid cache corruption problems we recommend synchronizing locally only the last year

Authored by Michel Naguib
Last modified 3 months ago